It is often said that most of us are naturally prone to resist changes: while some are able to “go with the flow” and face things that affect their routine with a smile, others just prefer to keep things as they are.

What is certain is that one thing unites us all – the natural change of seasons and the reactions our body has to them.

As temperatures are dropping and winds blowing our way, our skin tends to get dry and become more vulnerable to external agents, and we have to accept that the gorgeous natural summer glow is just a sweet memory, and it is important to keep our skin hydrated.

And that’s when our Silk Sericin comes in handy: with its moisturising, elasticising and protective properties, this silk’s protein becomes the perfect ally for this moment of the year. 
When the Silk Sericin becomes the protagonist of a careful beauty routine, it’s able to create a proper layer of hydration – one a cream alone can’t create – and you’ll be sure your skin is ready to face the harsh winter months.

So, while your skin is protected from the stress of seasonal changes, you can relax and focus on your own attitude to the impending changes.

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