Interview with Annika Rogge

Do you have a morning ritual before starting off with your day?

Rituals are quite important to me. As my days are always busy and hectic and as there is no such thing like “daily grind” they help me to structure my week.

I dedicate the first moments of the day to my dog while i sip my coffee and of course check Instagram.

Some people have their own “secret procedure” when it comes to handling stressful moments: do you have a special way of facing difficult situations?

I’m practicing yoga 2-3 times a week, it helps me to calm down and to stay focused.

I also learned some breathing techniques which comes in handy in very stressful moments. Some of my friends swear on meditation which is definitely on my bucket list.

What does “natural beauty” mean to you?

‘Natural Beauty‘ comes from the inside. For me it says a lot more about the character of a person than about her skin or hair or something trivial.

If you’re fine with yourself and a kind and happy person than you’re a natural beauty to me.

Do you consider yourself an influencer?

I don’t consider myself as a typical influencer. The word sounds kinda wrong to me, I like the word “opinion leader” a lot more. Having a strong opinion about topics and being not afraid to speak about it I guess is the reason why people follow me on Instagram.

I’m a minimalist, feminist, vegetarian, animal welfare activist and I’m working self- employed for a while now. I guess all these topics are very interesting for young women and these are also the reason why I follow others.

I have been passionate about fashion from an early age, studied fashion management and I’m a huge furniture lover – both topics are the ones which work best on my Instagram account.

I’ll try to focus on that and on my rescue dogs that are also very popular.

Talking about style, how would you describe yours in a simple sentence and why?

When it comes to my style I’m kinda classy, less is always more for me. I choose well, buy less and focus on high quality, natural colors and wardrobe basics which will last long.

We know you are very fond of Italy: is there something you specially love about it?

Oh yes. I used to spend the summers of my childhood in Italy. For me it’s a very special feeling when I think about it. It’s the food, the people, the fashion, the nature the lifestyle…. I love everything about Italy and I’ll try to come back as often as possible. Recently I spend my birthday in Liguria and had the best time. I just feel very connected to Italy.

Do you think there’s such a thing like an “Italian attitude”? If so how would you describe it?

For sure. It’s a mix of being happy and self-confident but also solid and hard-working. I’m not good in describing it, you have to experience the magic for yourself.

Last but not least, which is your favourite IMERSA product and why?

I’m a fan of the Day Cream with Silk Sericin! My skin is super sensitive and uneasy but feels very calm after using the Day Cream. It’s like a soft but very protective shield.

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