5 facts about Greven

1. My paternal grandmother’s ancestors were all boatfolks. Most of them died by drowning.

2 . Fred and I began our first band in 2009. We went to a music shop where the seller shook his head as I proudly announced that I was buying the bass. I was holding it upside down. We had to go back the following week as Fred smashed his guitar onstage during our first gig.

3. I can get through 3 packs of snus a day easily. But I don’t know if I can find snus abroad so I may go crazy.

4. I was once out sailing when a dense fog descended and I became totally lost. Another sail boat tried to follow me as he assumed I could still see. Suddenly there was a huge wall in front of me, luckily a gust of wind helped me turn, just scraping my keel against some rocks. The boat following me was not so lucky, as it went aground.

5. When I was younger I wanted to be a professional ice hockey player. I played ice hockey for 20 years, but have not yet turned pro. Maybe this is my year.

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