5 facts about Hags

1. I’m 203 cm tall in the mornings and about 201 in the evenings, and if you ever meet me, please don’t ask if I play basketball.

2 . I prefer powerboats to sailing, though mopeds are my secret passion. I have owned roughly fifteen bikes.

3. I have once been on stage in a strip club. Naked. I later woke up on a balcony on the third floor of a building. Apparently I am a decent climber.

4. Whilst working in a hotel in Greece, Bjorn Borg’s former coach saw me playing tennis. He told my friend (who was actually a ranked player) that he was doing OK “but keep your eyes on that tall guy, he will be one of the greatest.”

5. As a child I was convinced that I would be immensely rich by the time I turned 16. I’m now 27 years old and only recently gave up on that idea.

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