5 facts about Paddy

1. I once wrestled live on TV in Bolivia. As the only foreigner in the thousand plus audience I was invited to go backstage before the show to practice a surprise entrance. Myself and a female wrestler comfortably beat a villainous type and a corrupt referee in a bizarre tag team match. I remain undefeated in Latin America.

2 . I played for a football team in China called ‘Beijing Nuclear Bomb’.

3. I met Fred when I was working in a hostel bar in Uruguay. He was in the houseband. It was an unwritten rule that all staff would leave the bar unattended and go to dance when the band performed their legendary “Twist and Shout”/ “La Bamba” medley.

4. As a young child I refused to talk to my parents for a whole day because they would not change my name to Percy…. Percy Widdall.

5. I worked as a window cleaner in Argentina.

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