5 facts about Smoothie

1. I’ve been sailing twice. First as a photographer on-board the replica of the old Swedish East India Trading Company ship. I was seasick most of the time. The second time, myself Paddy and James (their first time sailing) were seasick the whole of the time. I secretly swore to myself that I would never sail again.

2 . I have a heart shaped scar on my chest which my friend lovingly imprinted with a heated cookie cutter.

3. I had a brief DJ career under the alias ‘DJ Shrimp’.

4. I have lived in Berlin for 7 years. I do not remember many of those years.

5. Fred and I enjoyed a bowl of soup so much in Beijing that we tried to buy the recipe. The restaurant owner turned up to the meeting with 4 lawyers and a demand of $50, 000 for the recipe. We humbly declined, and spent the next months trying to replicate the recipe in our kitchen. We finally gave up, and started planning a sailing trip around the world instead.

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