5 facts about Ricky Barbarossa

1. I became lactose intolerant after overdosing on free milk whilst working at a lamb slaughterhouse in Iceland.

2 . I have known Simon since we were 7 years old, when we formed the memorable slapstick duo Nisse & Lasse. To this day, I am not sure who was Nisse and who was Lasse.

3. My favourite means of transport ever was a red canoe called Archibald Gazebo. It was used for several summers to commute to work with both Simon and Paddy.

4. The day I look forward to the most during the trip is the 11th birthday of Ja Rule – 29th February (leap day). When I will marry my love, Sandbags.

5. I was once disqualified from a sailing regatta. I hotly dispute this controversy to this day.

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