The Boat

It was love at first sight when we saw this very special Ansö 42, refitted for sailing in the icy waters of northern Norway. The safety and stability of the steel hull and the space provided by the extended aft and keel was just what we were looking for. The only problem was that we would have to build the interior ourselves…

Builder / Model: Ansö 42 with extended aft and keel         Year: 2005

Designer: Hans the Austrian           Call sign: SF6243           MMSI: 265815580

Rig type: Masthead Sloop          Hull type: Steel

LOA (length overall): 51 ft. (15,5 m)         Beam: 3,9 m          Weight: 25 t

Water: 700 l          Fuel: 600 l         Septic: 300 l

Engine: Hino WO4C (turbo) / 125Hp / Diesel


The interior has been planned and built to make life for 6–8 people as comfortable as possible, with 4 bunk beds in the bow, 2 private cabins, a spacious kitchen and a large lounge area in the stern.

1. Aft storage 
2. The Velvet Lounge
3. Kitchen
4. Stairs to deck

5. Bathroom
6. Chief mate’s chair
7. Captain’s chair
8. Private cabin Helsinki

9. Private cabin Stockholm
10. Bunk beds Oldham & Middlesbrough
11. Bunk beds Norrköping & Göteborg

Building The Boat

With no experience in boat building, putting together the interior has been a major challenge. Step by step we’ve had to overcome a number of obstacles. Some angles might be a little off, and some ceilings a little low, but that’s what we love about her.