The Series

CIRCUMGLOBAL is a scripted sailing comedy series, one of its kind, and this will be the first season. It’s all ready on paper, now all we need to do is bring it to life!

“Home bird Steve Horn and his unwanted crew of oddballs must sail halfway around the world to win back his girlfriend before he loses a high stakes wager to an arrogant rival vlogger.”

We will film, edit and release ten episodes during our trip, roughly one per month. These will be made available on YouTube as a web series. And if everything goes well, we will produce season two during the second leg of our journey, from New Zealand back to Sweden in 2021-2022. But that’s another story. 

The idea for the comedy series was inspired by sailing vlogs, but we wanted to bring something different to the table. Instead of perfect sunsets and ripe mangoes we had the urge to show the less-flattering, but oh so entertaining, side of sailing. It was also obvious to us that this series should be scripted, with some liberties given to improvisation of course. A scripted project gives us the opportunity to work on the characters and storyline to build a cohesive first season. Although we are not professional actors, we feel confident that this unique concept will be entertaining for fellow sailors as well as lovers of quirky humor. And if nothing else, it might become a beautiful train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. 

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